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How to draw a dinosaur in 3D

How to draw a dinosaur in 3D

Is your child a big fan of dinosaurs? Drawing and coloring one is nice, but what about learning how to draw a dinosaur in 3D? That’s our goal here in this video tutorial! Let’s dive into SOLIDWORKS Apps For Kids’ fun & educational world, where children can fully express their creativity, while learning 3D design with free online apps. They will be familiarized with a wide selection of 3D design tools specifically developed for children ages 4 to 14. You can follow the step by step tutorial on how to draw a dinosaur for kids, or let them go through the different steps by themselves.

All there is to do after 3D modeling the dino is to 3D print it for your child to hold it physically in their hands and play with it, growing a deeper connection with what they create. This helps them realize that the world consists of incredible things built by people just like them!

Video tutorial attached: Apps for Kids – Shape a Dinosaur – SOLIDWORKS

3D dinosaur drawing step by step

Learning how to draw a 3D dinosaur online may seem like a difficult task for children and toddlers. But with the Shape It app, it becomes easy, fun, and even educational.

How to make the dinosaur’s tail

With premade shapes, the dinosaur’s body starts as a ball that is then sculpted and shaped behind into an elongated tail. Once it’s done, time to pivot the tail down to comply with a dinosaur’s natural anatomy. And suddenly, you have a tail!

How to draw a spine and feet

In the following step to draw a cute 3D dinosaur, we will be adding the feet and a spine.

Let’s use our “Mirror” tool: a duplicated version of any form is created in real-time to make sure the dino is well-balanced!. Now your dinosaur has feet to stomp the ground, and a spine to move its huge body.

Your dino’s almost done! Last part: the head

Your child’s 3D dinosaur drawing is not yet completed without a long sturdy neck and a tiny head at the end.

By combining what your kid just learnt in the tail creation and the wondrous possibilities of the mirror function, a long meandering neck holding a head appears on your screen.

And for the final touch: the “Splitting” tool will help your kid sculpt the head and create a cute, smiling dinosaur face.

Easy dinosaur drawing with our video tutorial

All there is to do now is give your dinosaur 3D some personality with the Style It app! Adding color and facial features. Don’t forget to use the Print It app to bring the beautiful 3D dino to life!

That’s it: your child just learnt how to draw a dinosaur 3D step by step in less than 5 minutes! They can now browse our other 3D drawing video tutorials, or simply improvise by creating shapes, animals and objects directly from their imagination. STEM activities like this one are key if you are looking to nurture one kid’s critical thinking, problem solving, or creativity. Precious qualities that can make a difference later on, no matter what academic path they decide to venture down.

Let your kid have fun while learning how to draw in 3D with the free SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

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