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SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is a perfect place for kids to learn about design, engineering, being creative, and how to make things!

Learning with Apps for Kids Classroom

Educators can take advantage of SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids and its incredible potential as a learning tool with Apps for Kids Classroom!

Teachers, parents, mentors, makers, after-school activity organizers, and more can all utilize Apps for Kids Classroom to organize self-contained classes and teach their students the principles of design and engineering. Apps for Kids is structured to help kids think through the design process: gather information, define the problem, create ideas, prototype, and test solutions.

Using the Apps for Kids Classroom interface, educators can create and organize self-contained workshops in an exciting and easy-to-use environment. Educators who sign up for Apps for Kids Classroom have take advantage of these invaluable features:

  • Invite other teachers to your organization
  • Easily set up and manage student accounts
  • Share content directly with a class of students
  • Fun and diverse lesson plans that are based on current curriculum standards
  • Lesson plans specifically designed for different age groups
  • A secure and private environment for students and educators to collaborate

"This program shows great opportunity for … learning about how things work.. and I think that's amazing and inspirational.” - Sydney, Age 12

Use Apps for Kids to inspire and engage kids in STEM and STEAM (adding Art into the mix) activities.

Commitment to Education is a Core Part of our DNA.

Today, SOLIDWORKS is used by millions of educators and students around the world. SOLIDWORKS is a cornerstone of many educational programs and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities that have inspired students to pursue careers in design and engineering.

SOLIDWORKS is generally used at a high school level or above. So for younger children, we decided to create SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids! SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is a collection of apps that makes many aspects of the engineering process accessible to kids as young as four. Whether it’s design and making, mechanics, or just inspiring creativity, SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is a great way to teach and engage children!

As SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids grows, we will be providing more tools specifically dedicated to educators. These tools will help educators deliver high-quality learning curriculum, and help them continue to inspire and engage kids in STEM and STEAM (adding Art into the mix) activities.

Take a tour of our current apps in the video gallery or sign up and see how you and your students can utilize the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids ecosystem today!

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