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How to easily learn 3D for kids?
Dec 28

How to easily learn 3D for kids?

Learning about different shapes and spaces helps children gain spatial intelligence. Are you looking for interesting ways for your kids to learn 3D? Perhaps you wish to direct your little one’s growing creative curiosity towards designing.
Well, that’s what Apps for Kids is for!
The SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids lets your children explore their creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs.

3D Learning For Kids – Apps

Is your child into 3D video games? Why not let them dive into the creative process behind this universe, and maybe spark a vocation!

SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids lets your kids learn first-hand the science behind designing through multiple built-in tools. They can unravel their creative side by making 3D objects, editing, styling, and printing for a real-time experience.

From the ability to learn 3D software to the art of making 3D objects, kids can gain insights into high-level skills. This set of aptitudes further helps them develop expertise applicable in the practical and professional world.

It combines playing and creation while using skills like 2D and 3D animation, designing, drawing, and using the color palette.

Check out some of the vast career opportunities each of these skills exhibit:

  • 3D modeling (Shape It): graphic designing, game designing, video production
  • Tech art (Mech It): infographics illustrator, technical artist, animator
  • STEM: data scientist, civil engineer, systems analyst

These are just some of the many options your kids will have by building a knowledge base with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

The prime objective of the app is to make engineering for kids fun and easy while inculcating a growth mindset. Developing such skills and boosting enthusiasm to learn and explore will lead your kids to evolve as successful professionals.

3D Design is Free, Fun, and Future-oriented

how to easily learn 3d modeling

You may come across a few programs related to the profession of engineering for kids. However, the Apps for Kids software stands out in more than one way.

What makes it unique is that it is completely free. Your kids can become future-ready by developing high-level skills without you having to worry about any extra expenses.

Besides, its remarkable feature lets children gain inspiration from others in the same field. Every creation a child starts is a project. Your kids can view multiple projects created by others and redesign them to display their imagination and creativity.

This approach of dealing with projects instills in children a sense of responsibility, while keeping it fun!. A way to inspire kids to create and perfect their work, so they can experience this great feeling of achievement in the end.

Another ground-breaking quality of this application is its ease of use. The idea is to keep it simple: most of the interactions are done with the mouse and some keyboard shortcuts. The application is specially designed for children to allow them to create and manipulate 3D shapes with ease. They will quickly be able to create objects and get satisfaction from it, which will push them to explore their creativity even further.

Key Takeaways

  • Project-based approach cultivates a growth mindset
  • Freedom of drawing and construction nurtures creativity
  • Free and easy to use with tutorials

Learn 3D with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

Apps for Kids aims to introduce kids to the magic of 3D design. It is one of those out-of-the-box free apps that help enhance your children’s creativity and unbox their hidden talents.

With this, children can gradually develop the skills required to become an engineer while having fun. Let them start now by letting them learn 3D with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

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