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Ready to release your imagination and creativity to the world?

Enter SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids where you can create, revise and express your ideas. You can 3D-print or share your creations with other dreamers to make them come alive.

Capture It

Capture ideas and start a design story using pictures, video, or sound. Create inspiration boards, canvases and collages using any device. Kids can even use their smartphone to add content!

Shape It

Shape ideas into 3D creations of any form. Anything a child can imagine, they can create with this intuitive and easy-to-use modeling tool.

Style It

Style the Shape It creations with color, stickers, backgrounds and more. Everyone loves painting, so we even made it possible to paint right onto the model!

Mech It

Mechanisms are made fun with touch-friendly, snap together shapes that work like they are actually real. Make things move or draw amazing spiral art… who knew mechanisms could be so exciting!

Show It

Show off any creation made in SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids and tell a story using fun interactive slide shows.

Print It

Print a creation in 2D, 3D or one of the fun project-based formats and make the creations come to life.

Ready to create?

If you are interested in learning more about SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids or know of a young person who would like to create, invent, and shape the future of this product.

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