Become A 3D Modeling Artist with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids
Déc 26

Become A 3D Modeling Artist with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

As challenging as it may sound, your kid can easily become a 3D modeling artist. All it takes is the right set of tools to nurture the required skills, right from childhood.

With fascinating apps that help young minds develop designing skills, Apps for Kids makes multi-modeling easy for children as young as 3-4 years.

How Shape-It Makes Kids Future-Ready for 3D Modeling

Shape-It is an exclusive 3D modeling tool that helps kids create objects of multiple designs. From basic items like fruits and toys to more complex shapes like animals (even a dinosaur!), the tool lets children create with maximum ease.

The best part is, it comes with a range of tutorial videos for kids of all ages to understand how it works.

A child can pick any basic shape: a sphere, triangle, or cube and work on remodeling it. Using different editing features such as expanding, eliminating, and repositioning, your little one can create multiple interesting 3D shapes.

Shape-It helps the young learners explore their creative side while also working on their skills.

The app enhances a child’s ability to brainstorm ideas and come up with new shapes.

It also helps young minds to coordinate multiple senses, working on their motor skills.

To top it all, kids can also gain inspiration from projects made by other individuals. They can modify an existing shape, or create unique ones to inspire fellow learners.

Key Benefits

  • Free and easy to use
  • Comes with tutorials for guidance
  • Does not require guardian assistance
  • Offers the freedom to explore with multiple editing features

Nurtures critical thinking, designing, and multi-dimensional Modeling

Benefits and Applications of 3D Modeling and Designing for Kids

How to Become A 3D Modeler

A 3D modeling artist designs characters, objects, and multiple other shapes on a screen. They present a digital picture of what the final product will look like before its production process even starts.

With the world increasingly depending on digital technology for every profession, the demand for such artists is at an all-time high.

Profiles well-versed in computer knowledge, with an intricate sense of design, who can display innate creativity are highly sought after by companies.

Shape-It will help your children build this expertise right from a young age, preparing them for future challenges.

Besides, your kids can also explore Mech It to develop their engineering skills along with honing their understanding of designing. The app lets the young learners use exciting machines and mechanical movements for drawing.

Here are prospective benefits of learning 3D Modeling for kids:

  • Builds motor control skills
  • Enhances technical knowledge
  • Helps stimulate creativity beyond the boundaries
  • Multiple styling options boost kids to explore their passion
  • Inculcates the motivation to learn STEM subjects with greater enthusiasm

Apart from primary and skill-based benefits, taking up this field will provide your child with a sea of career opportunities. Check out some of the most common applications of 3D Modeling:

  • Architecture designs
  • Graphics for game development
  • Representation of engineering projects
  • Animations in films and video production

The SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids is a set of free online apps designed to help young minds experience holistic growth.

Style-It is one of the most exciting modules of these free apps that even toddlers can use.

Let your little one become a 3D modeling genius and stand out from a young age!

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