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Apps for Kids Highlight Newsletter – January Edition

Apps for Kids Highlight Newsletter – January Edition

Happy, Healthy and Funny New Year! 2021 is over, and we wanted to thank you for sharing a year of design with us and for being more and more numerous to join the Apps for Kids community! We can’t wait to show you what our team has to offer in 2022: always more content and resources, our web site localized in French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish and many other things that you will discover all along the year.

Awesome projects!

Check out these 6 cool projects that we selected this month. Congratulations to the inspired designers! Check out all the shared projects on the Apps for Kids Website.

                           MUTLU YILLAR                      Train Engine                                tavuk

apps for kids newsletter

P.S.L.V                                      HELIKOPTER                              flower

 In the Spotlight

In this month’s newsletter, let’s discover how Makers use SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids, with Jackie Tan, an inspiring Maker Lab teacher at South Tahoe Middle School in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Jackie has always loved working with kids, starting with the opportunity to teach circus arts at Club Med first, then at summer camps. But Jackie wanted to continue working with kids during the school year, so she became a teacher.

Jackie has managed something incredible in the South Tahoe Middle School Maker Lab, : she’s made a STEM and Maker program viable by applying for tens of thousands of dollars in grants, leading to more funding from her school district. Jackie has four Flashforge Finder 3D printers constantly printing her students’ creations. Her lab, the first dedicated makerspace in its school district, has an abundance of Maker tools and robot parts, teaching her eighth-graders how to build custom robots. But the main attractions for her and her students are the 3D printers and the models beings printed. And those models are designed with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

Prints made by Jackie’s students using SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

Prints made by Jackie’s students using SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

Click here to discover how Jackie created a sustainable Maker program at her middle school, utilizing SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids.

Inspiration and Challenges

We are at the beginning of winter and the snow has covered the landscapes with its white coat in some countries of the world. Everyone loves to build snowperson once the cold weather hits. But what if you live somewhere that never gets any snow? You can still build a chilly creation with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids!

Today’s frosty tutorial teaches kids how to make a classic snowman, complete with a carrot nose. And this is just a start! Your kids can even customize their snowperson however they want–don’t FLAKE out (get it?)!

To create it, nothing more simple: watch the video below and read our blog article to build it step by step.

Tips and Tricks

Many of us are making or giving up on new year resolutions 🙂 I wanted to start the year by helping you sharpen up your Shape It projects!

All models start off smooth, but you can sharpen some, or all edges of your model!

Check out this short video to learn how to sharpen a model edge, and how cool it is to work with completely sharp edge models too!

sharp apps for kids

Learn more about how to sharpen and smooth edges in the tutorial video page on the Apps for Kids website and the search for “sharp”.


Thank you from us all in the Apps for Kids Team!



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