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Turkish kids have fun with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids
Mar 1

Turkish kids have fun with SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

In 2021, Serap ÖZGÜL, Information Technologies Coordinator at Sınav Eğitim Kurumları, met with TEKYAZ team, one of our Turkish SOLIDWORKS resellers. Sınav Eğitim Kurumları is a private institution established in 1992 that includes more than 78 schools and involves over 8,000 students / kids. The institution is now the largest education chain in Turkey with publications, private teaching institutions, courses and schools.

SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids adoption

At that time, the Turkish schools already had an online 3D Design software for the 7-12 age group. The TEKYAZ team introduced the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids program.  This program has been created to enable students in this age group, to learn engineering, mathematics, space intelligence, science, and technology more effectively. The introduction of SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids was the most exciting moment of the day for Serap ÖZGÜL as she realized how K12-level kids could create while having fun. And so, the program has been rapidly adopted and implemented.

“One of the biggest reasons we have chosen  SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids as our primary design program, is that they also provide a curriculum. We were very relieved when we saw that the program had been already tested and got positive results. Thanks to SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids, thousands of students have designed their dreams, ” said Serap ÖZGÜL.

Online classroom with Apps for Kids

When students use this system at home, they are able to enter and review their work at any time with their teachers. When the teachers ask their students “What would you like to design today?” many of the students answer by designing spacecraft and planets because of the space education they received during the astronomy lesson they got. “This is very enjoyable to see that kids in the class combine it with computer lessons and the achievement of other academic subjects”, commented Serap ÖZGÜL.

Some people wonder: do kids have to make a design at home, or do they have to carry a computer with them all the time?  “SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids, as a web-based program, is making the process so easy for the students: they can use it during their travel, in a picnic area or while visiting their parents’ offices. It can be easy for the teachers too. The SINAV College teachers can create an online classroom for their students thanks to it. And now their students can enter the classes in a much more comfortable way and continue their studies in the classroom” added Serap ÖZGÜL.

BlocksCAD coding program

In addition to SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids, Sınav Eğitim Kurumları also adopted our BlocksCad partner’s coding program to improve students’ geometric competencies and other mathematical skills. BlocksCAD software enables students to create incredible designs and makes it easy to practice these skills while creating a motivational model. Moreover, seeing the output of the codes they created as a 3D model, makes the lessons more enjoyable. Teachers can always support and follow the designs and codes of their students with classroom accounts.


The power of Classroom accounts and curriculum

To use and teach the programs more efficiently, teachers, as well as students, attended the trainings organized by TEKYAZ. Teachers had the opportunity to communicate with students through their Classroom accounts and see what they did in their free time. The availability of the SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids curriculum has made teachers more powerful and efficient in the classroom.team solidworks

Thank you to Sınav Eğitim Kurumları for chosing us and to the whole TEKYAZ team for their knowledge, experience, and support. With SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids, children can learn 3D modeling and 3D design at school. They will be able to use these experiences in their dream professions in the future.

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